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How to Look After Your Dogs Everyday?

How to Look After Your Dogs Everyday?

Who would not love to have dogs by their side? Apart from they can be among the best companions, they also serve as a stress reliever and offer incomparable happiness. So, why not give them the best love and care they deserve?

Caring for your dogs everyday can be a rewarding, enjoyable experience for you. Your furry best friends should be given sufficient attention and address their daily needs to enjoy. They have an active, enjoyable life with you.

On the other side, everyday care for your dogs is more than just feeding and walking. Other than giving them healthy foods and letting them do some exercises, you also need to provide them clean, protected living environment and practice proper grooming.

For better ideas on how to look after your dogs everyday, take a look at the following tips:

Check Your Dogs’ Health

On a daily basis, it’s important to check the health of your dogs and look for signs of illnesses. If you are not sure what the common health problems or you are worried about their general health, make sure to contact a vet.

Besides, you also need to monitor their dental health. That’s because some breeds are vulnerable to gum disease that leads to serious implications. Be aware that infection resulted from gum disease can cause premature tooth loss.

Perform Regular Grooming

In the case that your dogs have thick and waterproof coats, especially the golden retrievers, you need to keep water out of the body after bath by just letting them roam or play around. That way, you can eliminate their distinct odor. Not only that, but you also need to remove their dead hairs from the coat to avoid spreading of smell in the home.

Make it a habit to groom your dogs regularly to keep them healthy, comfortable, and protect them from illnesses. You can brush their hairs 1 to 2 days to remove dirt or debris inside their coat. Make sure to brush their teeth at least 3 times per week to prevent odors and infections.

Additionally, check the ears of your dogs because these are the areas where unpleasant smell usually occurs. You can use gentle wipes to eliminate any fungal bacteria from the outer part. After that, use warm water and cotton balls to wipe away the dirt and debris from the interiors of the ears.

Do Not Overfeed Your Dogs

It’s no surprise that dogs love to eat. However, it’s not a good idea to overfeed them. Another effective way on how to look after your dogs everyday is by feeding them a balanced diet.

  • How Much Food?

Despite your dogs’ fondness of eating, don’t let them eat as much as they like. You can ask your vet about the typical food amount based on their size and breed. Make sure to follow the dog food’s guidelines on the packaging and monitor their weight regularly.

  • How Often?

Dogs are mostly fed twice daily - feed them a small meal in the morning and one meal in the evening. In the case that you have larger dogs, you can feed them one large meal at the end of the day.

Hydrate Your Dogs

Some dogs drink a larger amount of water than others that go for an occasional drink. Regardless of the amount of water they drink, it’s absolutely essential to keep them hydrated.

  • How Much Water?

Breeds like Siberian Huskul love to stay hydrated by getting liquids from a thick Reindeer soup while Lagotto Romagnolo would prefer drinking water from their bowls. Make sure to give them clean, fresh water at all times. During hot weather or after exercise, your dogs become very thirsty, so provide them a bowl of water. In the case that you feed them with dry food, they will likely want a water after they finished their meal.

Keep in mind there’s no standard water amount that your dogs should drink, especially that some might drink a lot while others choose to drink occasionally. So, it’s best for you to monitor how much your dogs usually drink. If you have noticed that there are some changes, whether they drink less or more than usual, you can contact your vet for better understanding.

However, if your dogs are sick or vomiting, they prefer drinking small amounts of water. Do not allow them to drink as much as they like. That way, you can prevent them from further vomiting and losing essential nutrients and fluids.

Give Your Dogs Tasty Dog Bone

Feeding your dogs with scraps from the kitchen or processed foods can make them ill. They find it difficult to digest foods that are for humans. Instead, you can give them big, juicy dog bones.

You can reward your dogs with tasty bones, but in moderation, since you still need to consider their health. In fact, dog bones can help them keep beautiful clean teeth. To find quality, tasty dog bones, you can go straight to your local pet shop. It’s recommended to pick bones that are bigger than the jaws of your dogs and do not break.

Large marrow bones that are uncooked are meant for chewing. That’s because they do not offer nutritional benefits. However, they provide great oral care and mental stimulation for dogs. Try to look for big delicious, juicy beef bones from your local pet shop to keep your dogs busy.

Give Your Dogs Exercise

One of the best ways on how to look after your dogs everyday and keep them healthy and active is by giving them interesting, frequent walks. Make sure to take them to a safe place where they can freely exercise.

After their exercise routine, you can give them a reward in the form of a healthy snack. Then, do not forget them a bowl of water for good hydration since they shed some fluids during the exercise.

Now that you got more ideas on how to look after your dogs everyday, there’s no way for you not to keep them happy and healthy!

How to Look After Your Dogs Everyday?


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